The Frog Valley Hacienda

The place with a soul…

The wedding barn in the Frog Valley Hacienda is a place with a unique aura – the surrounding meadows, beautiful oak and pine forest, the stunning view… and this special ‘something’ that makes any guest of the Frog Valley admit.
- this place has got a soul.

For many years we have been organising slow-style weddings, company events and family reunions. We have combined our many years of experience with the love of nature, excellent cuisine and attention to detail in order to create a unique atmosphere. With the Frog Valley spirit on our mind, we have been organising the weddings so that they are a show of beauty and harmony echoing the surrounding landscape.


We have been professionally organising weddings for almost 20 years

And, as our friends say, we organised slow/boho/rustic style weddings before it was cool. :) (Take a look at the photos in the Gallery section.) First in the stylish Hacienda, currently in the new-built wedding barn.

Years of experience and our constant passion let us organise events where everything has its place.

The barn

The wedding barn, full of light and with a view of greenery, is a space where your dreams about your perfect wedding will come true.


We take the utmost care to keep the cuisine on the highest level. We keep the food delicious, healthy and natural - and the reviews of our guests have continuously been showing their satisfaction.

If you miss the greenery, if you like romantic, fairytale places where time slows down and you and your guests can get away from the world, we invite you to the Frog Valley. It is a place for you!


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About the barn

The barn was built about six years ago, when we decided to develop the Hacienda.

Inspired with the local architecture, we decided to implement some of its key elements: a traditional wooden roof, use of the famous local stone and timber framing. Slowly, with the help of local craftsmen, using the simplest of building materials - stone, brick, and timber, we build our wedding barn. The inside of the barn is minimalistic. The key element of the interior design is the stunning frame of the roof and the floor made of polished brick (perfect for dancing, also in high heels - don’t be afraid!) The simplicity seems the most beautiful. What is more, it gives the chance to arrange the area at will.

The glass walls do not obscure what is the best in the Frog Valley - the sky, the trees and the fields - a landscape painted with different colours of the seasons.

The barn fits from 80 to 160 guests, it is air-conditioned and fits the romantic rustic wedding look with the practicality. It will ensure a good place regardless of weather.

The spirit of the place is emphasized with the details - the winding road, an old chapel, a pond surrounded by willow trees and a small stable - the home of a hairy dweller of the Frog Valley - Pansa the donkey.

More about the weddings

If you want to charm or surprise your guests, spend your special day in an unusual way, or just according to your needs and tastes, we will do anything to make your wish come true. Our time, energy and experience remains at your disposal.

Your dreams… Do you want to arrive at your wedding in a vintage car, riding a horse, walk holding hands barefoot on the grass? Do you wish the groom to compete as a knight for the hand (or the jus primae noctis) of the bride? Or maybe you prefer an invasion of the rangers at night? Would you like to carelessly throw wreaths on the water, jump through the bonfires? Maybe you are planning a party with a superhero theme… We are open to your ideas and will do what we can to help realize your plans.

Why should you trust us?
For almost 20 years we have been organising weddings such as:
- traditional weddings for local couples, supervised by the local matrons who ensured the top-quality of the dishes, perfectly cooked meats and more than enough food for everyone at the table. In other words - we know tradition.
- rustic weddings, romantic boho-style events, when the bride is strolling through the fields with a flower crown on her head, and the guests spend time on the sunbeds, enjoying good food, drinks and just embracing the beautiful surroundings.
- vegan and vegetarian weddings helped by our associates vegan chefs of Veggie_wroclaw - all the guests were well-fed and happy.
- outside-the-box weddings, with a theme, with special attractions. A wedding with an ice-cream cart instead of the traditional cake (the groom was driving), a wedding inspired by the Hindu festival of Holi and weddings where the newlyweds danced barefoot or in trainers.
- simply YOUR WEDDING - the one you dream of!


In the past...

Over the years we have organised quite a number of company events and although recently we are more focused on the weddings, you never know what the future holds.

Besides, events organised by us were so amazing, that they’re worth mentioning, especially the ones with theme-parties (see the gallery below).

We should note that the companies we held the events for, have kept coming back year after year and we are still cooperating. These reviews speak for themselves.

Family gatherings

Apart from weddings, we hold family reunions, anniversaries, christening and first communion parties, when the guests can use all of our area, which is especially important for the children, bored with sitting at the table.

The beautiful landscape serves as a perfect background for your photo sessions.


About us

"It all started with love...
Long ago we fell in love on a meadow by the woods,
in a pond full of frogs, in the woods with birds of song.
To our corner of the world we invite you, where time slows
In the spring you’ll hear the frogs,
Pansa the donkey greets our guests by the gate.”

What do we do?

For many years we have been organising events of all kinds. They are primarily weddings, but there have also been company events, first holy communion parties, anniversaries and family reunions. We are joining our experience and efforts with being open to new ideas to ensure the highest quality of our service. We remain a small family business which allows us to avoid routine and ensures an individual approach towards every single event.

The Hacienda barn

The Hacienda has been in business for many years. About six years ago we built a new, bigger hall in the shape of a barn - and we did it before it was cool! We wanted to make a reference to the local architecture and the charming already existing building. We decided that the form of the barn would suit it best,

It is green, cosy, romantic, in touch with nature. And a slight disorder here and there, as in the display of the old farming tools (the owner’s passion) is here to stay.

One of the biggest advantages of our work is meeting amazing, passionate and creative people. Our guests - in love, during the best time of their lives, bringing dreams, stories and traditions from around the world.

We also mean the talented and co-creators of our events - photographers, always full of enthusiasm, florists putting their hearts into decorating, professional musicians making us feel like on a concert, energetic DJs, dance leaders, folk and regional bands from the mountains, and Silesia.

Thanks to team spirit, positive energy and cooperation of all the involved, the Frog Valley events are simply unforgettable.

Who’s behind it all?

Majka - always curious about the world and people, an advocate of novelty, including vegetarian menu, passionate about animals, ecology and unmown meadows. An architect. Owner of two cats and a half of Hector the dog. She likes hiking in the mountains and exploring the world.

Andrzej - a lover of tradition, slow lifestyle, mowed lawn, old farming equipment and tube radios (there are too many of them!). Owner of the Hacienda and (the better!) half of Hector the dog. Likes peace and quiet, good books and winter swimming. He would rather lie on the grass and look at the clouds.

The amazing crew of the Hacienda - it turns out, it’s mostly lady-powered. But it’s well-known that there is no challenge that a motivated team of women can’t face and win. Of course, there are also some incredible gentlemen, who take care of the grounds, facilities and entertainment.

All the friends of the Frog Valley, who have done so much to help it develop over the years
- we thank you! :)

The area

The Frog Valley (polish: Dolina Żab) (geographical name) is placed by the hills of Strzelin and Niemcza, about 40 km (or 40 minutes) taking the highway from Wrocław. From the whole area you can see the Gromnik hill - the seat of the legendary von Czirne family - the noble-born bandits and robbers. The hills themselves are an enclave of nature, a perfect place for hiking or cycling.

Some of the local attractions:

- The Gromnik hill with an observation tower
- Hiking and cycling trails in the local hills
- Picturesque lakes in old mines
- Cistercian abbey in Henryków
- A perfect place for accommodation of the guests - OSiR Biały Kościół
- Eco-agritourism farm in Nowina
- Countless medieval conciliation crosses
- Arboretum in Wojsławice


We love local stories and legends, thanks to which places have more spirit. There is nothing better on a foggy autumn evening than to imagine the lives of the past inhabitants of these lands and the stories only the old hills remember.

You can read about the surrounding areas in the Hussite trilogy written by Andrzej Sapkowski. It was incredible to read about Biały Kościół (those unruly Cistercian nuns!) or Dzierżka de Wirsing - we still have these kinds of women here...

The Frog Valley is located in Dębniki, a picturesque small village by the forest.

Dębniki was founded on the 6th of October 1843. That year the knight and lord of Gębczyce (Geppersdorf) - Carl Friedrich von Pelet-Narbonne set and leased 17 plots of land. The village - initially as a colony, from 1910 as a separate settlement - grew following the need of the growing Czech community of the neighboring Gęsiniec. The Czech settlers were present on these lands since the Hussite Wars, when they had to run from their oppressors and here, by these hills, they found refuge. The old name of Gęsiniec is Husinec - in honor of Jan Hus.

The name of Dębniki (German: Eichwald ‘the oaken wood’) comes from a great oak tree growing by crossroads next to the chapel. The tree will be 278 years old in 2021. Near the oak tree there is the oldest house in Dębniki. The origin of the house has a legend around it - while hunting, the lord of Gębczyce accidentally killed the huntmaster. One of his subordinates agreed to take the blame and spent 12 years in prison instead of his lord. As a reward for his sacrifice, the lord built his subordinate a house and gave him a plot of land. The house was later transformed into a tavern, now it is a private house.


The Frog Valley Hacienda


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